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IVL storage solutions offer reasonable and affordable rates for your short-term or long-term storage requirements.

IVL manages the entire process from pick-up, storage and delivery with well qualified staffs who excel in handling the goods. All goods are subject to strict inventory control as they go into storage, and again as they come out of storage.

IVL as well as all its partner network of agents offer secured storage facilities. Often, the move from one home to another isn't as simple as packing up one day and unpacking in your new home the next.

Storage provides the necessary breathing space for you to complete whatever you have to do, and the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure when you aren't there to look after them yourself.

IVL is recognised by major Multi National Companies and Government agencies that regularly relocate their staff offshore.


IVL had established an enviable reputation as the leader in moving families across the street or across the world, be they private, corporate and government clients.

We are the professional moving team because we constantly enhance our existing services and add new services to ensure we continue to provide the very best to our customers. This continual process of research and refinement has led to our introduction of a comprehensive range of Relocation Services throughout INDIA & THE GLOBE, as an adjunct to our traditional removal and storage services.

We offer the most competitive service in terms of cost of customs clearance; we have the experience to handle all kind of customs regulations for definitives as well as temporary ones.

We offer Procedures for Permanent & Temporary Outbound as well as Permanent Inbound & Temporary Inbound.

IVL adjusts its services according to the customer's requirements, in this way it allows them to save costs in the logistical chain because we assure the correct communication of the cargo movements from the vendor's site to the buyer's one.

At taking our services the customer coordinates only with us receiving only one document and transport charge; it means IVL can take all the responsibility during all export and import process.


We offer a wide range of ocean services for all kind of cargo that include: FCL, LCL, Project cargo etc.

Our volumes allow us to negotiate freights with shipping lines and air lines highly competitive for outbound as well as inbound shipments.